About Us

Straight from the beautiful city of Huntington Beach, Vida Soleil encompasses all things sun, sand and surf. Vida Soleil derived from the French meaning “Sun Life” it was only a perfect name for a company who embodied just that lifestyle. With a passion and love for travel Vida Soleil wants to maintain an online store that carries the world’s most luxurious swimwear and accessories from around the world.

Like the sun shining down a Vida Soleil girl embodies positivity in her daily lifestyle as she adventures down the coastline. She feels life is best spent in a bikini and will do anything to be in the sun. The way she smiles can lighten up a room and give off the kind of vibrance our sun does. From sunrise to sunset the possibilities are endless for a girl in her bikini. She loves to travel, has an assortment of Bikinis and spends her days soaking up the sun. The sun rises the sun sets and with her feet in the sand no matter what she is living life tropical. Having grown up with a beach lifestyle all she knows is the beach behavior.

Our collections reflect the day and life of our girl carrying the world’s top swim wear brands. With so many brands to offer we hope we can find just the right brand for you. Located in the heart of sunny Southern California we ship worldwide to our Vida’s and want to share our passion for bikinis and beach attire with you.